Sunday, 9 February 2014

15 Week Pregnancy Update

Not sure how much is baby and how much is the roast chicken dinner i just ate.

How far along?
Exactly 15 weeks today. I think I got a little confused when I went for my first scan and they changed my due date by 5 days. Last weeks update should have been 14 not 13. Duh...

Total weight gain?
Not sure, really trying to be healthy most of the time but I think my body just wants to put on weight. Ideally I only want to put on 1 1/2 stone but I reckon it will be more like 2. Hopefully no more!

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new. Still looking for the perfect black long vest. Any ideas?

Stretch marks?
Not yet. I switched from the Bio Oil to Mama Mio Tummy rub oil and Boob Tube which I love. They are doing a deal at Harrods where you get the oil free when you buy the boob cream which worked out at £29 for both. Seemed like a good deal to me!

Sleep has been fine really although at the beginning of the night I always need to get up to pee about 3 times before I properly drop off. Annoying as I have to go all the way downstairs to use the bathroom. Not looking forward to that when I get bigger!

Best moment this week?
Had a lovely day with my mum looking at baby stuff in Harrods department. I saw so many lovely things but trying to hold off till we at least know the sex. My favourites were Petit Bateau and The Little White Company. We did have a look at the "designer gear" which although is quite cute I would frankly find it rather ridiculous as they would grow out of it so quickly.

Worst moment this week?
I also had this week off from work and although I have been resting I have still found myself getting ridiculously exhausted at times. It's actually starting to get annoying now.

Miss anything?
Having energy to go out in the evenings. Would like to go out more and see my friends but always so tired.

Nothing this week :(

Food cravings?
Not really. I have been waking up in the middle of the night starving but have not given in yet to going down to the kitchen to stuff my face. Watch this space!

Anything making you feel sick or queezy?
No. Although I find I can smell people's bad breath really strongly at times. I find it particularly sickening when I'm on the tube sitting next to them and I can smell their icky breath. Really gets up my nose and makes me feel ill.

Don't know. 5 weeks time!! eeeeeee!!!!

Still really tired. I do have the whole itchy runny nose thing going on which is a bit annoying. It's ok though...apparently it will go away once the baby is born. YAY!

Belly button in or out?
Still in. Took my belly ring out though - first time in 18 years.

Happy or moody?
Happy, not crying what so ever this week :)

Looking forward to?
Gender gender gender!!! and buying cute baby stuff! I have started to clear a space in our room so I have somewhere to store it all when we start buying.


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your bump is so lovely and neat - I was so big at 15 weeks! If you're looking for a black vest, H&M is great for them. I got a non-maternity on in a medium rather than small, so there's a little more room to grow :) great quality for only about £8 x

    1. Amazing I will try H&M then. Just ordered one from Topshop Maternity for £6 but still waiting for it to arrive so we'll see...thanks for the tip :)